StreetFest returns to East London to celebrate its 10th anniversary this September.

“After a brief hiatus, the UK’s premier urban culture festival is back with yet another fresh take on all things street – live art, dance, fashion, sports, music, food and more.

Pulling together all the elements that define London’s underground culture – at a time when it feels most under threat – StreetFest is a platform for some of the country’s most creative minds to express themselves, and with attractions fit for all ages to engage with.

And guess what – entry is free.

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This ‘thank you’ anniversary edition for all its supporters over the years, is taking place on September 15th in Dalston’s Gillett Square (itself a vibrant hub of independent traders, run by Hackney Co-Operative Developments who are supporting our 10th Anniversary), the perfect location for a block party set to live long in the memory.”



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